BIGCITY: A Novel by Scot Sothern


Scot Sothern
Stalking Horse Press
Trade Paperback
Publishing March 2017

Scot Sothern’s profane western satire BIGCITY, is a novel with an unforgettable cast, including the wild Bitch Bantam, pulp writer Slab Pettibone, and his sidekick FuzzyWuzzy the bear in a tale as moving as it is scandalous. BIGCITY is the birth of feminism, robber barons, media stardom, and motion pictures, where teeming masses have come for a new life and a throw of the dice; with gritty realism and absurdist comedy, BIGCITY is a fantastical adventure and love story examining the dynamics of change and the politics of natural selection.



Product Description

Writer/photographer Scot Sothern spent 40 years hustling work and drifting from job to job. His first exhibit, LOWLIFE, was held at the notorious Drkrm Gallery in Los Angeles in 2010. His first book, LOWLIFE, was published in the U.K. by Stanley Barker in 2011. Scot has since had solo shows on both coasts of the U.S. as well as in Ottawa and London.  The British Journal of Photography called LOWLIFE, “The year’s most controversial photobook.”  As a columnist at VICE Magazine since 2013, Nocturnal Submissions and Sothern Exposure, Scot has published more than fifty photo-illustrated stories.  In 2013, Curb Service: A Memoir, was published by Soft Skull Press, and An American Lowlife, a digital photobook, was published by powerHouse Books.  STREETWALKERS, stories and photographs, will be published by powerHouse Books in February 2016.  Sothern maintains a blog,


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