THE CITY, AWAKE: A Novel by duncan b. barlow


duncan barlow
Stalking Horse Press
Trade Paperback
Publishing March 17

Barlow’s metaphysical noir The City, Awake is a novel of chemically induced amnesia, doppelgängers, fanatics, and killers. Saul, a man without a history, awakes in a hotel room with a note in his pocket. Hunting for answers, he must survive rival assassins, a millionaire with an axe to grind, a shape-shifting femme fatal, a silent hit man, and a psychotic who is only looking for an exit. Barlow evokes a vast mid-century modernist cityscape in prose that is by turns hard-boiled, then unexpectedly psychedelic and delicate. With temporal and spatial distortions reminiscent of A. E. van Vogt’s The World of Null-A, the novel that inspired Godard’s Alphaville, this is a vivid investigation of identity, scientific speculation, and Biblical Apocrypha. The City, Awake is a mirror maze of dark streets and darker secrets.



Product Description

duncan b. barlow is the author of two novels, dozens of short stories, and over twenty five records with various musical projects. A native of Kentucky, he currently resides with his cat, Monkey, in South Dakota where he serves as a faculty member in the Creative Writing department at University of South Dakota. He founded and runs Astrophil Press and is the Managing Editor of SOUTH DAKOTA REVIEW.


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